The post-production process for independent (and, ahem, first time) filmmakers is enough to make you go a little mad. Today TRWK Documentary kicks off a final push to fund the last crucial editing phase on this feature film through Indiegogo’s campaign website, and to bring me closer to sanity.

Iniegogo campaign: The Road We Know Documentary

Editing a film and seeing it through all the transcribing, scripts, paper edit revisions, string outs, rough cuts, feedback screenings (yikes!), more rough cuts – the whole thing can make you feel like you’ve been lost in the weeds – a filmmaker island. You wonder, does anyone finish their film? I mean, really? You hit this point editing, at least I did, where all you can think about is the film – but you lose all perspective on your filmmaking decisions. After the 40th FCP sequence, your eyes glaze over and you daydream about running away to go to become an Ultimate Fighter (“THEY win or they lose! No revisions or second drafts!”) But you’re a little too slow, and staring at a monitor all day has left you with this pesky deteriorating eyesight. No mixed martial arts moves here.

You’re short on time, money, and vitamin D. But you’re just as passionate about the people, the real stories, the stuff that makes up your initial vision, your dream. It’s the people who shared their stories with you, who you labor to represent fairly and distill clearly. They help you press on.

Thankfully, I’ve had the wonderful support of family, friends, and dear colleagues throughout the process. From the encouraging fan base of my family (“Another version? But they’ve ALL been so good honey!!”) to bouncing character and story ideas off of my good friend and TRWK cinematographer Brad Allgood who knows the ins and outs of our filming adventure (“Please include the chicken gutting scene!” “Done!”) to my boss and co-producer Carolyn (“Grab some coffee, I stayed up ’till 4am thinking about your structure”).

Now, the end is in sight. I have not arrived, but have more clearly wrapped my head around the trajectory, the momentum of this film. I’ve thought about 3 acts and 5 acts and rising action. And I’m hoping to raise money to continue this dream, of being able to simultaneously eat and pay rent and also keep working on this wonderful film as it nears completion.

If you like what you see through watching the clips and trailer on this website, please consider contributing to the Indiegogo campaign. I am asking $5,000 to finish editing the film.

Please help us spread the news. Any support would be wonderful in these final stages of film production!

– Suzanne, Producer/Director/Editor/Transcriber/Survivor