You never know where life is going to take you.

You may end up in Kang, Botswana with 3 HD cameras and no clue where this story you are filming is going to take you. It’s the beginning of 7 weeks and you are just excited to be on the road. You have made it through the first week without dropping your camera or losing your camera man. Success. Showers seem unlikely, but deodorant and gummy bears are still in full supply.

Who will the most compelling people be of all the people you’ve met and filmed so far? How will they change over the course of the next few weeks? Will they continue to tolerate the cameras for another 6 weeks? I really hope so.

Oh, and what will I learn? Wow…

This makes me grateful for life’s easier questions – Why are we driving around now? Can we just enter this property? Really? Awesome. :)

Let’s go: